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How Does VoIP Work for Businesses?

December 15, 2022

How Does VoIP Work for Businesses?

VoIP is a modern-day internet based communication system that helps businesses in a wide range of highly beneficial ways, including low-cost, high quality communication and features like video calling and call recording to help supercharge productivity. 

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, it’s a phone system that uses the internet to connect you to another caller. During a call, a VoIP solution transforms audio signals into digital data that is transmitted over data lines like fibre or broadband connections. 

When you consider the flexibility of the internet, you’ll realise that VoIP gives you a great advantage in being able to call from any device that uses an internet connection. In contrast, desk phones only allow you to call from that single device. 

Various VoIP Packages 

When deciding on your VoIP package, there are a number of factors that you have to take into consideration:

  • One of them is how much can my business afford at this point in time? 
  • What are my needs? 
  • How many times a month would I need to call? 
  • Do I have a minimum broadband internet connection (recommended by VoIP experts) of 10 MBPs? 
  • How many features would I need?

Why Should Companies Use a VoIP Business Phone System? 

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should start using VoIP phone systems. We’ve included statistics that show how effective VoIP is in terms of cost, productivity, and flexibility. 

60% Of Customers Prefer To Do Business Over The Phone

If this is the dominant preference, then it would be wise to ensure you have a flexible and high quality communication system like the VoIP business phone system. 

Companies are Experiencing a 20% Improvement in Productivity With VoIP

The VoIP phone system has plenty of useful tools that can boost employee productivity, including video conferencing for important meetings, team chats, and call recording so that calls can be analysed and feedback can be given to enhance employee performance. 

65% Of Calls Made With Withheld Numbers Are Rejected

It’s understandable that people would not answer calls without a professional caller ID or telephone number. VoIP gives you this sense of professionalism needed to prevent your calls being rejected. 

70% of Employees Work From Home At Least Once a Week

With VoIP business phone systems being driven by internet connectivity, it gives you the flexibility needed to have remote and hybrid workers join in on the daily grind.  

50% of Telecommunication Costs are Decreased by Using VoIP

A PBX system (on-premise system) setup and monthly rates can be incredibly costly. In terms of upfront hardware and setup alone, you can expect to pay for the PBX server, installation, and software licence. VoIP prices are much more cost-effective and easier to set up.

What Types of Businesses Can Use VoIP? 

VoIP can work for businesses of all sizes and industries. In terms of size, VoIP can work for micro, small, medium and large businesses. In terms of industry, VoIP is generally beneficial for any industry, but it is especially helpful for certain businesses because of their nature of operation. For example, companies that rely on a lot of communication and where it is especially important to make high-quality calls. 

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses in the UK

Essential Savings for Small Businesses

As a small business, it’s safe to say that you need as many money-saving devices and resources as you can get your hands on. Your budget is most likely not very high, so it’s easy to see why an inexpensive phone system that enables you to make low-cost calls would be welcomed. 

Here’s a few statistics that show how cost-effective VoIP is for small businesses:

  • 40% – local call savings made by small businesses that switched to VoIP phone service
  • 90% – international cost savings made by small businesses that switched to VOIP phones service 
  • 90% – reduction in startup cost for small businesses that use VOIP 

Establish a Powerful Presence Quicker

As a small business, you might feel intimidated by larger companies who have more resources at their disposal. VoIP gives you a professional number that can establish you as a  business to be taken seriously. 

Boost Productivity

As a small business, there’s plenty of pressure on you for tasks to be done as well and as quickly as possible. 

You can’t afford to use time ineffectively and/or perform poorly and lose customers. VoIP phone systems give you everything you need to maximise your business hours and performance and help you retain customers because of its high quality and beneficial features. 

For example, the dynamic communication features like video calling, call recording,  and team chats are incredibly valuable assets that you might not have been able to afford without VoIP. It gives your small business a headstart to perform productively and supercharge your progress. 

VoIP’s superb call quality allows you to enhance customer satisfaction and results in a higher chance of conversion and long-term relationships. 

Here’s some statistics in this regard:

  • VoIP has helped small businesses improve the handling of phone calls (67%), boost the management of messages (63%), and perform work remotely (57%).

Industries That Can Benefit From VoIP 

Any business in any industry can benefit from the VoIP phone system. Businesses that have to make plenty of national and international calls.


Communication is critical in healthcare. People demand a lot from the healthcare industry considering they’re the ones who have to take care of one’s health and well being. VoIP phone systems give you the call quality, flexibility, and automated features to develop a good reputation amongst the public.

Dodgy phone lines can make for aggravated customers, decreased satisfaction, loss of potential customers, and an overall bad reputation. This is why VoIP can be great for the healthcare industry as you get to enjoy HD quality calls without having to break the bank.

You could be dealing with emergencies, having access to calls wherever you are is a brilliant benefit that could help with situations where seconds and minutes count. You can also do an automatic reroute that gets them to the right person immediately. 


Hospitality is one of the usual suspects when it comes to industries that experience a significant benefit from using VoIP phone business phone systems. This makes sense since customer service is everything, and calls are usually coming in one after the other, 24/7. 

In a luxury, people-centred industry such as hospitality, being able to provide clear communication and direct customers to where they want to be is paramount to becoming a reputable business. You get to boost customer satisfaction and gain their loyalty.  

Call recording can be used to evaluate employee performance and make adjustments so that customers are given great experiences. 

NonProfit Organisations

Since NPO’s are usually not raking in millions, they can benefit greatly from VoIP as an inexpensive communication solution. Whether it’s prospecting potential fundraisers, organising events, or coordinating volunteer groups, VoIP allows them to speak to whomever they need at a low cost. 

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