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How to Get Out of a Bad Phone or Broadband Contract

March 8, 2024

Getting out of a bad phone or broadband contract can be a challenge (by the way, did you know that BT are about to up their prices again?). But the good news is there are several steps you can take to try to make things better and hopefully end up on better terms. Here we take a look.

Check Your Contract Terms

Start by carefully reviewing the terms and conditions of your contract. Look for any clauses that relate to termination or cancellation fees. Understanding your rights and obligations will help you navigate the process more effectively.

Contact the Provider

Get in touch with your phone or broadband provider to discuss your concerns. Explain why you are unhappy with the service and ask about the possibility of terminating the contract early. Sometimes, providers may offer to waive fees or provide alternative solutions to retain you as a customer.


If your provider is unwilling to let you out of the contract without penalties, try negotiating. Highlight any issues or problems you've experienced with the service and politely request a resolution. And of course, whilst it’s fine to be persistent and get your point across, keep it respectful!

File a Complaint

If negotiations with your provider are not successful, you may want to think about filing a formal complaint with regulatory authorities or consumer protection agencies. Many countries have organisations that oversee telecommunications services (like Ofcom) and can help you in resolving disputes with your provider.

Check for Breach of Contract

Review the terms of your contract carefully to see if the provider has breached any terms. If they have failed to deliver the promised service or have significantly changed the terms without your consent, you may have grounds for termination without penalties.

Consider Legal Advice

If you believe your provider is not upholding its obligations or if you're facing significant financial penalties for terminating the contract, as a last resort you may consider getting some legal advice. A lawyer that specialises in contract law or consumer rights may be able to guide you on your options and help you navigate the legal process.

Transfer the Contract

Some providers allow you to transfer your contract to another party. If you can find someone willing to take over your contract, this could be a way to avoid early termination fees.

Wait for the Contract to Expire

If all else fails, you may have to wait until your contract expires before switching to a different provider. In the meantime, keep a note of any issues you encounter with the service to support your case for termination once the contract term is up.

Remember to keep records of all communication with your provider, including emails, letters, and phone calls. Being well-prepared and informed will strengthen your position.

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