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We’ve been upgrading our customer service for the better

August 29, 2023

It’s been a super busy summer here at bOnline, especially as we’ve been making some important changes to our customer support team. 

One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is excellent customer service. Signing up for a new VoIP digital phone service in particular can be daunting, which is why we want to make sure our team is easily on hand if you need us.

We also know that every small business is different and no two will have the same needs. Again, this is why we work hard to make sure your customer service experience is as tailored and efficient as possible.

Here are some of the newest changes and improvements:

First call resolution

We know how annoying it is to call a customer services team with a specific problem or question, only to be passed around from pillar to post. So we’ve worked on training and upskilling our team so that whoever picks up the phone first can deal with your issue quickly, first time. This was also helped by merging our provisioning, porting and migrations teams into one. All our team have had enhanced training and now have a much wider knowledge base than ever before.

Simple IVR

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It’s basically an automated phone system tool that answers incoming customer calls and offers options for next steps via a menu. So for example, you might hear a recorded message that says “For sales press 1, for support press 2” etc. You might also use IVR to manage out of hours calls, for instance, “Press 1 to leave a message for the X team, press 2 to leave a message for the Y team”.

We’ve made some changes recently so that our own IVR system is more efficient. Essentially, we noticed that the majority of our customers press 1 when they need help, rather than subsequent numbers. So we’ve streamlined our IVR so there are much fewer options, putting customers through to the help they need straight away.

More agents on chat and self service

We’re now working on the next stage where customers can completely self-serve, and no longer need to call us at all. It means having more agents on chat than previously, as well many more advanced topics in our help section.

Can we help?

As bOnline continues to grow, we will always put customer service front and centre of what we do. We aim to make it easier than ever for you to find the help and support you need, whether it’s with a set up question, billing, technical support or anything else.

If you’re still not sure if a VoIP digital phone service is for you, why not sign up for a free 7 day trial with no obligation? It’s the ideal way to try out all the business-friendly features on offer, without the commitment. There’s our great value fibre packages too.

And of course, you’re also welcome to call us on 0203 617 9950.


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