How VoIP Can Save You Hundreds On International Calls

February 15, 2024

There are lots of ways that a VoIP digital phone system from bOnline can save your small business a fortune when it comes to international calls. Let’s take a look.

Much Cheaper Call Rates

International call bolt-ons from bOnline start at just £5 a month. This means that if your business has offices or clients overseas that also use VoIP, you can communicate with them at a fraction of the cost. As calls are made over the internet instead of via copper wires, this can save you some serious money when compared to making calls using your mobile or a landline. 

For example, BT is currently charging up to £1.55 a minute to call the USA from a UK mobile. That can really add up!

You also don’t need to worry about roaming charges. Plus it can help you predict your costs and cash flow. 

Virtual Numbers

VoIP allows businesses to obtain virtual phone numbers in different countries, which can be routed to their main office or call centre in the UK. This means that international customers can contact your business easily without racking up expensive international calling charges. It also helps give your business a local presence in multiple countries.

Joined-up Communications

Our VoIP systems come with video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing to give your small business a more joined-up communications solution. By consolidating these services under one provider, you can streamline your communication costs and potentially save money compared to managing lots of different separate services.

Flexible Scalability

VoIP systems like ours are highly scalable, meaning you can easily add or remove phone lines as needed without significant hardware or infrastructure changes. Taking on more staff or moving business premises? No problem!

Ready For A Free VoIP Trial?

Jumping head first into a new VoIP digital phone system for your business can sometimes feel a bit daunting. Every penny counts these days and you need to be sure you’re finding the right one at the right price for your growing business.

At bOnline we specialise in small business heroes like you. From freelancers to start-ups to micro-businesses, we’re here to make getting a new VoIP digital phone system incredibly quick and cost-effective.

A good first step is to try out one of our totally FREE 7-day trials. You can sign up online in just 2 minutes and there’s no obligation to continue once your trial has ended. We don’t even ask for your credit card, and it’s a great way to try out all the handy features it comes with. There’s nothing to lose!


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