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Which VoIP Plan Is Best for My Business?

December 15, 2022

There’s such an incredibly wide range of highly beneficial VoIP phone plans from different providers that makes selecting one such a daunting task. You essentially want to compare VoIP plans and pick one that aligns with your business needs. If you get this right, you can expect astounding results in terms of productivity and savings.

This is why we’ve made things easier by narrowing down all of the factors you have to consider when making your choice, including cost, provider, and the nature of your business. 

What is a VoIP Plan?

A VoIP phone plan is a contracted or uncontracted package of specific VoIP services that a VoIP provider gives to a client to enjoy over a certain period of time. 

When looking at business VoIP plans, it is a really diverse topic with different providers advertising various plans that have plan-specific features, contract lengths, and pricing.  

How Much Does VoIP Cost?

The cost of business VoIP plans depends on your chosen provider, the number of features you receive, the number of calls you’re allowed to make every month, and the number of users that make use of a VoIP business phone. 

At bOnline, our costs vary according to our various plans and the features they provide. 

The Number of Users

Every employee that utilises an individual phone line is considered one user. However, there’s something tricky about the cost though: you can actually expect to pay more for a lower user count (1-4). The cost decreases if you have a high user count, such as 50 more. 

VoIP Provider

Various business VoIP providers will have different prices based on numerous factors, including the provider’s particular strengths and focus, your business, and their pricing. 

For example, at Bonline, our focus is on providing a VoIP phone system for small businesses. We aim to empower small businesses in the UK. Hence, us providing a wide array of highly beneficial features at cost-effective prices that the average small business can afford. 

What Services Can a VoIP Plan Offer?

VoIP phone plans could include features such as call-forwarding, call-recording, chat messaging, HD video calling, and mobile and desktop apps. There are services related to calling, such as capped vs unlimited calling. Another could be hardware that gets thrown in, including headsets and a desktop phone.  

What VoIP Plan Suits My Business? 

We’d recommend that you take note of your unique business criteria and look at VoIP business plans that go along with it. We’ve listed a couple of questions that can be of great help to finding the best VoIP plans for your business, they all centre around the nature of your business and the features you need.

1. Do You Make Plenty Of Calls To Local And International Callers Each Month? 

If you do, perhaps business VoIP plans with unlimited calling would be right. If your business does not make that many calls, you might want to consider a cheaper option with a limit on the maximum number of calls.  

2. Are You A Company Where The Reliability And Quality Of Your Phone Calls Is Crucial To Success? 

You might want to consider a more expensive VoIP phone plan that allows you to record calls so that you can keep tabs on the audio quality and the service being provided to clients. 

3. Are You In A Business Where You Receive Many Calls That Often Lead To Backlogs? 

If so, VoIP business plans that specifically cater to teams with the call-forwarding feature could do wonders for you.   

4. Are you a small business in the UK? 

If you are, the very inexpensive “Starter” VoIP phone plan could be a great kickstarter to grow your business.

Why Should Businesses Use VoIP?

In the UK in particular, all telephonic communications will be carried out via digital data networks by the year 2025. So you might as well quit while you’re ahead and join the revolution. 

To avoid last-minute panic and stress, we advise you to switch to a VoIP business phone as soon as possible. It will give you enough time to make the best decision on a VoIP provider, the right VoIP plan, and give yourself enough time to adjust to the business VoIP phone system and make any required changes or adjustments. 

As for businesses outside of the UK, there are just so many brilliant benefits that you can enjoy with VoIP. We’re surprised that everybody hasn’t changed to VoIP already.   


You get to experience HD quality calls and a substantial amount of talktime for a really low cost. This allows you to spend more money in more critical areas of your business and subsequently grow your company at a much faster rate. If you were using expensive traditional telephone lines, you’d have to wait much longer to invest in areas like marketing and advertising.     

Productivity and Time Saving Features 

A business VoIP phone can launch your productivity and time management into the stratosphere! 

Various Communication Features in One Place

VoIP allows you to save time and make finding various communication features (video, chat, recording, note-taking) much easier by having them all in one place. Without it, you’d have to access different features from various software applications. 

Host High-Quality Meetings

The high-quality video calling feature allows you to host invaluable meetings with your team members where you can give and receive incredibly important feedback on your business and performance.

Flexible Accessibility

A VoIP business phone system allows your team members to work from anywhere! That means your remote workers get to access VoIP and contribute to your success and profitability. 

Free VoIP Trial 

If you’re in the UK and you’d like to try out one of our VoIP plans, you could decide to go for a free, no obligation 7-day trial.  

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