bOnline sets up Connectus Recruitment with a new digital VoIP phone system so they no longer have to rely on mobiles.

  • £13.95 a month - unlimited calls
  • Fraud protection
  • Video calling
  • Call recording

About Connect Us Recruitment

Connectus Recruitment is a brand new start-up offering tailored recruitment solutions to employers and employees. Priding themselves on a fast, friendly service, their client base is growing fast.

Simply using their mobile phones for all incoming and outgoing calls just wasn't cutting it. They also needed a digital phone system that was more professional. Enter bOnline!

What the client says

"We tried another digital phone provider but they weren't particularly helpful and didn't meet our needs. With more and more clients signing up with us, we needed a phone system that could handle it much more professionally. We love how things are much more automated now, particularly with the different call flows, and we no longer need to worry about the signal dropping out on our mobiles."
- Zoe S

What we say

"It was obvious that the Connectus team needed a more professional way of managing their incoming calls. We're glad to have been able to help - don't forget, you can also sign up for a free trial on our website!"

bOnline: The numbers

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

Connectus Recruitment got in touch with us because they weren't happy with their current VoIP provider and needed a more effective way of dealing with their increasing call volumes. They therefore signed up for a free 7-day VoIP trial with us.

Step 2:

The bOnline team called Connectus to discuss their needs with them in more details. This meant we could better understand their priorities and challenges.

Step 3:

New VoIP headsets were sent out and we got them up and running within 48 hours, with no down time.

Call flow setup

Thanks to our new phone system from bOnline, we can more professionally manage calls without using our mobiles.

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