The Langcroft Consultancy team needed a professional new look to boost their brand. Enter bOnline!

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About Langcroft Consultancy

Langcroft Consultancy are business consultants who specialise in digital transformations for SME companies. They review their clients' needs to advise them on how to upgrade to new cloud based apps, helping to maximise productivity and efficiency.

The cost of living crisis and UK high inflation are the main challenges at the moment. However it's also a relatively new company so getting their brand and services marketed are a challenge.

What the client says

"I knew that I needed a VoIP phone with call flow and a greeting message to enhance my company's profile. Our brand image is important to us, and simply using a mobile phone wasn't cutting it. I'd used a VoIP phone system at a previous company but wasn't very impressed, so when I found bOnline I was so happy as it's far more user friendly than the previous system. The price is also extremely competitive."
- Tim W

What we say

"We agree that market-leading branding is so important, with efficient customer service being key to a company's professional image. We're so pleased that a VoIP digital phone system from bOnline is moving Langcroft Consultancy forward."

bOnline: The numbers

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

Langcroft Consultancy got in touch to say they needed a VoIP system that would easy to use and could manage their calls better than simply using a mobile phone.

Step 2:

We discussed their needs, for example how many users they have, what features they'd be using and what hardware they needed. We then recommended the ideal VoIP solution, and sent out everything required within 24 hours.

Step 3:

The Langcroft Consultancy team was up and running with a 12-month contract.

Call flow setup

Thanks to bOnline's VoIP system we have a more professional brand image.

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