bOnline sets up Kallistia Aesthetics Clinic with a brand new VoIP digital phone system they can now use on social media.

  • £12.50 a month (excluding VAT) unlimited calls
  • £5 a month unlimited international calling
  • Standard 12-month contract

About Kallistia Aesthetics Clinic

Kallistia Aesthetics Clinic offers a range of cosmetic procedures designed to make you look and feel your youthful best. It holds mobile medical insurance for aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, lip fillers, hyaluronic acid skin boosters, and wrinkle-reducing (botulinum toxin) injections.

The team also has their own exclusive skincare range which for now is available only to clients.

The clinic is currently based within a hair salon in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, but it's independent to the salon's business. They rent a treatment room in the salon on a part-time basis, so needed a telephone number that would be specific to the clinic and not to the premises. It had to be a completely portable, cloud-based phone system, not least because many clients want treatments at their home.

What the client says

"Clients tend to prefer calling the clinic to ask questions/clarifications before booking an appointment or to even book their appointment via phone instead of using the online booking portal. I wanted to avoid using my own personal number for the business. It's really useful having this separate number. Plus, the voice message and call hold functions are really useful. The price is very reasonable and the customer support at bOnline is brilliant"
- Kalli D

What we say

"We're so pleased Kalli and her team are finding their bOnline VoIP phone system so useful. It's also great that she can now put her business telephone number on her business social media, which is brilliant!"

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

Kallistia Aethetics Clinic signed up for one of our 7-day completely free trials.

Step 2:

We gave the team a call so we could better understand their requirements and challenges and what features they most needed.

Step 3:

We got the new system up and running within 24 hours, with no down time. Everything was also done remotely - no engineers visits needed!

Call flow setup

Thanks to bOnline's VoIP system, we can now offer prospective clients another way to get in touch and book appointments.

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