IDM saves money & gives customers abroad a dedicated phone line with bOnline

  • £9.95 unlimited calls
  • 2 phone system users
  • Mobile app, desktop app, video calling 1 - 1, call recording on-demand

About IDM

Integrated Data Management (IDM) provides unrestricted access to pharmaceutical and financial intelligence at no cost to their users. Launched in 2021, the IDM platform centralises information on pharmaceutical drugs, clinical trials, diseases, market trends, and regulatory requirements for researchers and safety officers.

What the client says

“I realised I needed something like bOnline for international calling when I saw the eye-watering rates for mobile phone add-on packages my current provider was offering. Before bOnline, phone calls were eating into my scheduled meetings and family time. I would be in the middle of a conversation and get multiple phone calls on my mobile. Once the call volumes had got to a certain point I knew I needed a more efficient solution. It was also about cost saving, as making so many international calls on my mobile was unbelievably expensive. At up to £3 a minute it was getting ridiculous. We also needed the flexibility to scale and grow, or at least allow for dedicated personal phone calls.”
- Matthew A

What we say

“Having spoken to bOnline, IDM signed up to one of our monthly call packages. As most of their business is done across Europe and North America, we straight away realised the significant call savings they could make compared to using mobile phones with extortionate international call rates. Their new VoIP system is far more affordable than a mobile provider and with lots more features too.”

bOnline: The numbers

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

IDM got in touch with us because the business was growing fast and international calls were becoming extremely expensive.

Step 2:

The bOnline team worked with IDM so we could understand which features they most needed going forward.

Step 3:

New VoIP system was set up and working within 24 hours.

Call flow setup

Thanks to bOnline’s VoIP system we are now able to divert customer calls to the right member of our team

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