bOnline helps POUR’D give customers a trusted line without breaking the bank

Est. 2021
  • £6.95 a month (excluding VAT) unlimited calls
  • Fraud protection
  • Voicemail included

About POUR’D

New small business POUR’D is on a mission to make more fun, affordable, and sustainable cocktails at home.
The brand’s fun-filled cocktail kits are conveniently delivered to your door, making them the perfect gift or a unique way to add a spark to your at-home happy hours.

What the client says

“Before signing up with bOnline, all incoming calls were dealt with via a mobile phone. This didn’t give us a particularly professional image, plus it would have been a nightmare if the phone was damaged or lost. I also didn’t like giving out my personal phone number for business enquiries and needed something more flexible. After reading bOnline's positive reviews, I decided to give them a go. Everything was set up and working really quickly.”
- Charlotte R

What we say

“Although the business doesn't get a huge number of calls, we know how important it is that customers have a real human to talk to. Also, knowing that traditional phone lines will soon be switched off, it was obvious the POUR’D team needed something digital. At bOnline we’ve been all too happy to work with them on this”.

bOnline: The numbers

bOnline phone
calls made in 2022
UK business
customers & climbing
5-star reviews
& counting
Awards won
since 2020

Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

POUR’D got in touch with us because the business was growing and simply taking customer calls by mobile phone wasn’t working for them any more.

Step 2:

The bOnline team worked to understand details like how many phones the system needs to support and what features will be most useful.

Step 3:

New VoIP system was set up and working the same day.

Call flow setup

Thanks to bOnline’s VoIP system we are now able to divert customer calls to the right member of our team

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