With call volumes increasing, bOnline provided Senshi Ryu with a VoIP phone system that better serves their customers whilst saving money.

Senshi Ryu
Est. 2015
  • £13.95 a month unlimited calls
  • Video calling
  • Call recording

About Senshi Ryu

Senshi Ryu offers martial arts training and yoga classes to a broad range of customers aged between 3 and 70.

It's a highly competitive market and retaining customers, as well as attracting new ones, is essential. Just using a mobile phone to deal with incoming and outgoing calls was no longer sustainable - bOnline to the rescue!

What the client says

"I used to just use my mobile phone but it was ringing day and night and I was worried about missing calls. Our new VoIP system means I can run my business effectively whilst still spending time with my family"
- Simon T

What we say

"We soon spotted the challenges the Senshi Ryu team were facing and it was clear they needed to manage their calls, and call screening, better. Having offered them a promotional rate, they're now saving money too"

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Here's how we made it happen

Step 1:

Senshi Ryu got in touch with bOnline and discussed their needs and challenges with our onboarding team.

Step 2:

After a short call we were able to advise them on the best package to suit their needs, as well as any hardware they would require such as a headset.

Step 3:

New VoIP phone system was up and running within 48 hours.

Call flow setup

Thanks to our new VoIP system from bOnline, we don't miss nearly as many calls and are saving money too.

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