How to get an 020 number

In the UK, 020 phone numbers are usually London-based landline numbers, specifically within the Inner London area. They’re generally 0207 or 0208 numbers and can be associated with businesses or residential addresses.

Why Would A Small Business Want An 020 Number?

If you’re running a small business, you might be looking for a 020 number for several reasons. However, the main one is that it can give the perception of professionalism and credibility – an air of prestige with being associated with London, even if your business isn’t based in London at all! This perception can help build trust with potential customers or clients, especially if you’re looking to target central London customers specifically. Additionally, having a 020 number may also mean easier communication and accessibility for local customers, as it offers a recognisable and memorable contact point for support or enquiries.

How Do I Get A 020 Number?

The big thing here is you can get a 020 number even if you’re based nowhere near London at all! And yes, it is of course perfectly legal and allowed. Plus, with the landline switch-off coming along fast, more and more businesses are doing this.

To get a 020 number, you typically need to sign up with a VoIP digital phone provider (like us!) that will give you a virtual phone number service with this specific prefix. With bOnline, you can actually choose any number you like for your business, as long as it isn’t taken already of course. All you need to do is let us know what number you’d like once you’ve signed up.

Our great value, fixed price packages are some of the lowest around, backed by award-winning customer service. In fact, they start from just £7 a month. And from just £5 a month, you can even add an international calls bolt-on too, potentially saving you a fortune in overseas calling and roaming charges.

Looking For A New VoIP Provider?

Shopping around for a new VoIP provider means doing a bit of homework. At bOnline we only work with small business heroes like you – so we’re talking sole traders, freelancers, start-ups and growers!

A good place to begin is by reading some of our online articles, like What is a VoIP phone – everything you need to know and The complete guide to small business phone systems.

Then why not sign up for a free 7-day trial?

It’s easy to set up an online trial in just 2 minutes, with no credit card details and no obligation. But it’s the perfect way to test out all of the VoIP digital phone features on offer, like call management menus, voicemail, conference calling, hold music and more. You don’t need any technical knowledge yourself either, plus there are no engineer visits and you can download the app for easy VoIP calls on the go. You’ve got nothing to lose – and could soon have a 020 number of your own!

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Chad Scholtz
Chad Scholtz