Should I use VoIP for international calls?

March 29, 2023

VoIP calls can be made internationally thanks to VoIP technology. Because VoIP phone systems work over the internet, calls can be made for free abroad. VoIP contracts for international calls are low-cost and affordable for all business and personal users. There are many added advantages to using VoIP for international calls.

Can you make international calls with VoIP?

Yes you certainly can - all you need is an international call package with a VoIP phone provider (like bOnline!) and a reliable, preferably fibre, broadband connection.

What suits your business regarding best VoIP for international calls depends on a few different things. Take a look at our Making international calls help page to see where in the world you can call.

How much does it cost to make international VoIP calls? 

VoIP international call rates are likely to save you some serious money compared to standard phone rates. In fact, BT currently charges up to 68.53 per minute for a phone call from the UK to the USA.

Each VoIP provider will have different charges for their international call packages and these charges will vary. However, at bOnline recommend one of our affordable international packages of £6+VAT for 500 minutes or £10+VAT 1,000 minutes to 100 top destinations. This represents excellent value on a fixed cost monthly basis. See our pricing.

How to make international calls using VoIP 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over the internet. This is instead of using standard copper landlines that make up the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). At this point, you might find our article Virtual phone systems: Why they're great for small businesses useful. Plus, don’t forget that traditional landlines are being switched off by 2025, so now is the ideal time to switch to VoIP.

Calling an international number from a VoIP phone is done in the same format as it would be using a traditional landline. So it’s the international dialing prefix, followed by the country code followed by the area code followed by the local number. Depending on which VoIP phone service you go with, you can either make calls using a normal phone connected to a VoIP router or directly via a headset microphone connected to your computer.

With a bOnline VoIP phone system you can also use any internet-connected device including your tablet or mobile phone.

Could a bOnline VoIP phone cut your international call costs down to size?

Not only could international calls made using a VoIP phone system be much cheaper, but you can also benefit from the wide range of features VoIP offers. These features can make all the difference to the running of your business efficiently, including video calling, voicemail, call divert, call flow analytics and much more.

Start beating roaming charges now by adding an international call plan to your existing package. Call our team on 0208 125 3250.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t had a VoIP system with us before, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. It’s the ideal way to try out all the features on offer and see how your business can benefit.


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